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Our primary goal has been to celebrate and share Marrakech’s incredibly rich, vibrant, and inviting culture. Dar Justo was painstakingly and meticulously reconstructed from the ground up with the help of our next-door neighbours, expert artisans from the Medina, using the same craftsmanship, techniques, and materials that have always been used by the people here. This attention to detail and care is evident in the hand carved wood panels and individually-placed mosaic tiles in addition to the preservation of ancient and clever Moroccan architecture which allows for natural temperature regulation. From the homemade dishes in our restaurant to the hammam, a vital social center in this culture for millennia, to the riad’s design and hospitable employees, we aim to provide the most authentic Moroccan experience possible.


Socially Responsible Project

We are proud to have created over 40 jobs for Moroccans from many diverse regions. We truly value the individuals who work so hard at Dar Justo and not only offer competitive wages and ethical working conditions, but also continuing education, training, and opportunities for personal development. Putting our philosophy of solidarity into practice has created a strong, community-oriented team that continuously gives its best to Dar Justo, making our guests feel at home.



We strive to coexist with the environment in a respectful manner by responsibly managing our natural resources.

  • To maximize our usage of water, a scarce and precious resource in the desert climate of Morocco, we purify our water and repurpose it for watering plants and supplying toilet tanks, after which we re-purify and send it to the public sewer network.
  • Clean energy is directly harnessed from our 150 m 2 of solar panels for use in both the riad and hammam.
  • In an effort to support local businesses and reduce unnecessary production- and
    transportation-related damage to the earth, only top quality, organic, and locally made products are used at Dar Justo.